1. Shipping Policy

1.1 Goods sold on our website may be shipped by a courier service, Post Office or PostNet in particular.

1.2 Orders are usually dispatched within 3-5 days, unless otherwise agreed or elsewhere stated on our website.

1.3 Please note that payment must first clear, before orders can be processed.

2. Returns.

2.1. Clients may return the goods purchased, subject to certain strict terms and conditions.

2.2 The client is to return such goods at their own cost.

2.3 When goods are returned, it will be booked in with the appropiate supplier of such goods.

2.4 The supplier will assess the goods and inspect the condition thereof, including packaging and manuals supplied.

2.5 The supplier will communicate their findings to us as the reseller of such goods.

2.5 In such an instance, we as the reseller will inform our client/s of such findings / decisions made..

2.7. The acceptance of any return\s received from our clients, is\are at the supplier\s discretion as per their terms and conditions and not us, as the reseller of such goods.

2.8 All sales on our website i.e. y2xtech.co.za, are subject to terms and conditions, including those mentioned.

2.9 If you do not agree with these terms and / or conditions, it is your right not to particpate in transacting with us, whether directly or in indirectly.

2.10 If you feel that somehow these terms and / or conditions must be amended or waived, you may inform us by e-mail of such a request, in order to open a dialogue in this regard.

2.11 The Management of Y2X TECH (PTY) LTD, reserve the right to make a final and binding decision in this regard.

2.12 The client / customer reserve the right to request the terms and conditions of a certain product, which they might be interested in purchasing on our website.

2.13 Unfortunately, unless otherwise stated or mentioned on our website, we do not display such terms and /or conditions of our suppliers.

2.14 Pertaining to 2.12 please note that we do not stock goods onsite; the stock is being shipped from the supplier/s premises and hence the terms and conditions of goods resides with the supplier and not us as the reseller of such goods.

3. Refunds.

3.1 In order to initiate a refund for our clients, a signed instruction is needed to authorize such a request.

3.2 Such instructions are to be scanned and e-mailed to us.

3.3 Refunds are usually effected, within 3 business days after receiving a signed instruction from the client.

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